SCENAR Treatments

The therapist applies the SCENAR device onto your skin, a slight tingling sensation is felt. The device’s power settings and wave length allows for intense, non-damaging stimulation of all the nerve pathways in your body.

SCENAR therapy can be used for pain relief and regulation on most people....age is not a barrier.


Acute Pain

The more recent or acute your pain or condition usually the faster your response and recovery. Acute conditions will require shorter and more frequent SCENAR treatments, up to 30 minutes each.


Chronic Pain

Chronic pain conditions have been established in your body for longer (over 3 months) and your body has adapted and changed over that period of time, 1-3 treatments per week maybe necessary depending on your individual response. Treatment time can be from 45 to 60 minutes.

It is recommended to start with a dose of 3 to 4 treatments over 2 weeks, this will help both you and the therapist to evaluate the body's response to SCENAR therapy and to discuss a treatment plan.

Change is a positive sign in SCENAR therapy.

SCENAR therapy is NOT used on people with the following conditions or implanted devices:

  • Pregnancy
  • Infectious diseases
  • Serious mental diseases
  • Heart pacemaker